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What does it mean to “encounter” God?

This post is more of a question and introduction than it is a completed search for an answer. It is prompted by some thoughts I have had for awhile.

What does it mean to have an “encounter” with God? It might seem like an odd question. Here are the sorts of answers it might get.

To encounter God is:

-To have a sense that a particular sermon was intended by God particularly for you.
-To feel close to him in worship.
-To sense his leading by means of the Holy Spirit’s prompting.
-To hear him speak to you in an audible voice.
-To actually see him.

Which one of these falls under the definition of an “encounter”? Perhaps all of them? Or maybe just the last two?

I won’t try to answer that, but I will say this: that it seems today that many Christians appear to have excluded the last two on the list as a possibility and have settled for the “next best”, myself included. 

We strive to hear God’s voice, and when we don’t, we start to try to figure out different ways he might possibly be speaking to us, sometimes by signs or symbols.

But the scriptures don’t portray God that way. Whenever God wanted someone to know something, he either sent a prophet or said it himself. And that’s what I think heaven will be like. God will not have to do an elaborate act which we might eventually translate and be able to say, “Oh, I think God is telling me he loves me.” Rather, God will simply say, “I love you.”

So that’s my question: why should it be different now? Is God’s mouth closed or are our ears stopped?


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